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I know. Everyone has a born day, so I shouldn’t be making a fuss about mine. I could have hashtagged; issa a bornday, slaying into old age, but no. I have no contribution to my aliveness status or making it to a quarter a century! Let me fill you in on what got me here.

It was on a random day, walking around. I must have been plotting what to cook for supper when it came. A whirlwind swept it right into my eyes; I blinked and when I opened my eyes, I saw love. It  was towering over me, full height and a wide smile. I must have smiled back.

It came in the form of divine favour. Of being able to open my eyes every day of my life, of provisions; it came in the form of fresh air, trees swaying, birds flying up in the sky. I found it in a gulp of clean water.

It came in your form; taking out time to read my not so interesting pieces. Inboxing and even calling out: ‘good job girl’ ‘keep trying’, ‘I’m proud of you’. It came in the form of a ‘thank you’ for little favours. Love came in such forms; simple syllabus that filled and threatened to open my little heart.

I saw love in gestures, sometimes it came in the form of the neighbour’s cat knocking on my door with its little claws and smiling up at me, ‘Let me in, please. I’m shivering out here’.

Sometimes it was in those beautifully written words in the pages I keep turning.

In whatever form, love decided to build a shelter in my humble abode that I’m even scared of moving houses; what if it is the house it loves and not me?


                                      What love taught me

Love taught me to forgive myself; for my stupidity, my misdeeds, my ignorance and naivety. It taught me to forgive life for not treating me as I thought it should (or so I thought). That my heartbreaks were not really mine to deal with. Love taught me to let go of what I still hold onto; old habits, toxicity. That if it’s done, it’s done. The universe has a reason for that.

Love taught me to embrace my fears and blossom into the child of God that I am. It taught me to accept that worldly demands are unattainable. It taught me that I could only be self-sufficient in His arms.

Love taught me that every day is a growth day, that if my growth is not wholesome, I didn’t do any kind of growing for the day.

Love taught me the invaluable value of peace. That it’s not so hard to extend a hand, to be nice, for no reason. To see the world with different lenses; to try to understand and respect people and their opinions.

Love taught me that religion is not synonymous with spirituality. It taught me to look for God, like a Sufi, and to experience Him. To experience that which is deeper; that which is hidden from the human eye.

Love taught me that it’s okay; that I’m not there yet. That most of my mail responses to applications for opportunities  often have an ‘however’ hidden somewhere. That I haven’t figured this life thing out.

Love taught me gratitude. To appreciate life; to do more than breathing; to actually live.

Love taught me to invest in myself. To stretch myself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Reading, learning something new every day, watching a TED talk, travelling, eating right, writing, shaking up my routine, setting myself a 30 day challenge to do something or to quit something.To celebrate myself, to love myself. To learn about myself, to appreciate me.

Love taught me that I do not need all those clothes sadly looking at me because they have never been worn for a decade and someone out there needs them.

Love taught me to learn to wait on God. To leave myself at God’s hands and allow him to shape me up and mould me into the child He desires me to be.

Love found me and lifted me when nothing else could. I am short, but I feel like I only need to stretch to reach the sky.

Love built me and made me whole.


Thank you for you love and support.

God Bless You Abundantly.


10 thoughts on “LOVE FOUND ME”

  1. Happy birthday Vera. I am glad you and love found each other. And your house as well. Love as you say is that act. Of spreading it. Of letting it overflow to others. In words. And acts of kindness. Especially to those who don’t deserve it (Says who? God?)



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